Graduating 2nd Year RSM students are eligible to apply for a 3rd year intern experience at the Ramp at OCI in Cleveland, TN. Stepping from ministry training to ministry activation, Cleveland Interns enter into hands-on ministry opportunities within their calling and purpose. Entrusted with a variety of responsibilities, these dynamic leaders utilize their strengths to bring value to the Ramp at OCI and the light of God to the city of Cleveland.
Working within the systems that fuel the Ramp at OCI, Cleveland Interns encounter real-life ministry scenarios, outreach opportunities, and leadership development. The unique opportunity to plug into a community environment while being activated into ministry produces sustained growth and provides a deep well of experience to draw from for years to come. 


As a Cleveland Intern, you are a leader entrusted with responsibilities in one or more areas of the Ramp at OCI. Serving under the leadership of Samuel and Lauren Bentley, you will be a representative of Christ, the Ramp at OCI, and the Ramp School of Ministry at all times.


As a Ramp Chatt Intern, you are a leader entrusted with responsibilities in one or multiple areas of Ramp Church Chattanooga (RCC). While you serve in these areas, you will experience first-hand the in's and out's of serving within the local church under the guidance and leadership of Pastors Andrew and Brooke Towe.


The areas you are committed to as a Cleveland Intern are first priority. As an intern, you are committing to fulfill everything you are entrusted to do and to prioritize your schedule, including employment and other educational opportunities to do so.

Cleveland Interns are expected to attend all prayer meetings, staff meeting, services, and team-building activities.

As a Cleveland Intern, you receive free admission to all Ramp Events.


Cleveland Internship Cost:


One-time Payment:

$250 due by 1st day of internship


It is the responsibility of the intern to secure housing in the Cleveland area. Resources for housing options will be provided by the Ramp at OCI team.