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The role of the Administrative Assistant is to provide organizational and communication support to the Ramp Church Worship Pastor, while also gaining hands-on experience within the context of local church ministry. 


Positons available: 1


Timeframe and Requirements: June 1, 2023–May 1, 2024 (10–15 hours per week)




  • A strong lifestyle of personal devotion, rooted in prayer and scripture

  • Communication skills, focusing not only on information distribution but also tone and emotion

  • Organization and administration, breaking down complex projects into simple “next steps” actions

  • People skills, being able to collaborate with various departments within the ministry

  • An advanced level of vocal skill for platform ministry

  • Punctuality for all events that require attendance

  • Proficient in basic computer skills




  • Become proficient in using Planning Center

  • Work with Worship Pastor to coordinate the schedule of vocalists for Ramp Church services

  • Serve as the liaison between Worship Pastor and Ramp Church vocalists

  • Research new music and submit ideas to the Worship Pastor

  • Organize and present new music suggestions from the Ramp Church worship team

  • Serve as the liaison between Worship Pastor and media team, ensuring media has all needed information for Ramp Church services, including lyrics for screens

  • Attend all rehearsals and sounds checks for the Ramp Church worship team, working with the Worship Pastor to prepare any necessary materials

  • Attend Ramp Church services and pre-service prayer meetings, ready to serve practically and contribute spiritually at any moment

  • Fulfill requirements for serving as a Ramp Church vocalist

  • Attend regular and impromptu Ramp Church team meetings

  • Provide administrative support in Worship Pastor’s personal schedule, executing miscellaneously delegated tasks

  • Document overall internship experience, making recommendations for improvement to the role of Administrative Assistant


As a Worship Department Assistant, you will have hands on ministry experience, specifically in the arenas of worship, service, administration, and discipleship. This will strengthen your abilities as a leader within and without the worship department and serve as a catalyst in communication and organizational development. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching and relational investment from RSM staff and faculty. 

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