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The Ramp Church Media Tech provides valuable service to the Ramp Church Chattanooga experience by assisting with technical and administrative needs of the weekly services as well as capturing photography and videography.


 Time frame and commitment: One year commitment beginning in the summer of 2022


•   Coordinate announcement videos


•   Schedule Ramp church Production crews


•   Responsible for photography at Ramp church events


•   Responsible for videography at Ramp Church events


•   Personal investment and interaction with Ramp church media volunteers


•   Attend regular and impromptu RCC faculty and staff meetings


As a Ramp Church Chatt Media Tech you will have hands-on production experience, specifically in the arenas of media, troubleshooting, photography, videography, and administration. This will further your understanding of production and its role in the global church as well as strengthen your abilities within production and practical ministry. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RCC Staff.

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