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The Ramp Leadership Network Intern position involves working with the RLN Director to support the organization's mission of developing leaders who are passionate about awakening and discipling a generation to be radical followers of Jesus Christ. As an intern, you will be responsible for assisting with various tasks, including coordinating events, member support, conducting research, and providing administrative assistance to the team. 


Positions Available: 1

Direct Report: Matt Robinson


Timeframe and Commitment: June 1, 2024 - May 9, 2025 (approx. 10 hours weekly, possibly more/less during events)




  • Assist the RLN Director with email and phone communications as needed pertaining to inquiries, follow up questions, and any other communication from current or potential RLN members.

  • Assist RLN Director with scheduling meetings including communicating with all parties involved determining the time, location, and duration, and confirming said details with all parties.

  • Assist with all Ramp Conferences including preparation details, scheduling of volunteers for Leadership Breakfast and RLN Lounge executing assigned responsibilities during event, and help with event wrap up.

  • Assit with onboarding of new RLN members, sending introductory information and. / or new member gifts, and ongoing member care.

  • Assist RLN Director in creating social media and email promotional calendar, as well as working with media team to make sure all graphics / videos are prepared in time for posting

  • Assit with miscellaneous office tasks including receipt submission, document and spreadsheet creation, data entry, etc.

  • Be familiar with RLN annual calendar and anticipate scheduling needs, work with RLN Director on scheduling speakers for Q&A sessions, monthly educational videos, etc.

  • Creat and maintain appropriate storage area at RU offices of informational materials, supplies, and event-related items. 



As the Intern to the Director of RU, you will gain valuable experience operating in the ministry of administration while growing in leadership and management skills within a church community environment. Your involvement within RLN will bring strength to the organization while also building effective problem solving skills and developing excellent communication skills within yourself. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RU staff and faculty. 

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