The Sentry position provides spiritual strength, community impact, and vital energy into the Ramp at OCI. The sentries will help set the atmosphere for services and provide strength to the prayer, altar, and community ministries. By building relationships in the community, they will carry the gospel and increase the spiritual impact to the region. 


The Cleveland sentries will serve as spiritual strength to the Ramp at OCI. These positions are very flexible and always changing. For example, one week the sentries may be participating in campus ministry, the next they may be actively looking for homeless people to minister to. These positions will have a strong focus on prayer and evangelism. At the end of your time as a sentry, you can expect to have exponential growth in your relationship with God, your understanding of ministry, and your development as a leader. 


Positions Available: 5-6


Timeframe and Commitment: July 15, 2021-June 15, 2022


Requirements and Necessary Skills:

  • Personal devotion to Christian morals, prayer, and Bible study

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Ability to collaborate with others and work on teams

  • Disciplined time management

  • Humble approach to interpersonal communication and job opportunities

  • “Whatever it takes to make it happen” attitude to ministry


  • Be available for altar ministry during and after Ramp services

  • Be spiritually READY for each Ramp service

  • Attend preservice prayer meetings

  • Assist in planning and executing community outreach opportunities (ie. Food pantry volunteer, homeless ministry, clothing distribution center, Lee University campus outreaches, etc.)

  • Assist in coordinating and attending regular prayer meetings