A Worship Department Assistant adds valuable, dynamic service to the leadership of RSM’s Worship SMT and the Ramp’s Worship Department. Utilizing musical, communication, and organizational skills, a Worship Department Intern gains experience in leadership, worship leading, musicianship, audio production, and ministry administration while helping students grow within these same areas.


Positions Available: 4


Timeframe and Commitment: June 1, 2021-May 5, 2022 (10-15 weekly hours)


The Worship SMT and Worship Department are looking for interns with the following qualities:


  • An advanced level of vocal and/or instrumental skill


  • The ability to critically think and solve problems


  • Organized, responsible, and self-motivated, consistently follows through and circles back on assignments that are given


  • Timely and efficient (On time for meetings, rehearsals, services, and events)  


  • Walks in love, integrity, humility, and all other fruits of the spirit.




  • Assist RSM Worship SMT Chair, Instructors, Ramp Worship Director, and Ramp Worship Assistant Director with administrative duties, general communication, and project management 


  • Assist Instructors in the classroom with grading, class prep, attendance, communication, Populi management, front of house, lights, and screens 


  • Musical contributions during labs, rehearsals, RSM events, Ramp Church, and various itinerate/travel ministry opportunities – Contributions include leading worship, musical direction, and accompaniment for various scenarios 


  • Assist with and lead Worship Nights and Worship Circles by coordinating logistics involving RSM and Ramp staff, setting up and breaking down gear, recording the event, imparting into and strengthening the worship experience, logging key spontaneous songs, and occasionally leading worship


  • Maintain the location and status of all PA gear and instruments and submitting needs and concerns to Department Chair


  • Attend student worship group meetings twice monthly, speak into the musical and spiritual progress of the assigned worship groups, stay connected to worship group leaders through regular meetings, and report progress and concerns to the Department Chair


  • Instrument tech, setup, and breakdown of gear for rehearsals, church services, special events, and conferences


  • Assist with audio production, including DAW session preparation, transferring sessions, mix prep, recording prep, production assistant, and assistant producer on class projects


  • Frequently attending Ramp Church, Ramp Worship, and RSM Chapel Rehearsals 


  • Attend regular and impromptu RSM Worship SMT and Ramp Worship staff meetings


As a Worship Department Assistant, you will have hands-on ministry experience, specifically in the arenas of worship, service, administration, and discipleship. This will strengthen your abilities as a leader within and without the worship department and serve as a catalyst in communication and organizational development. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RSM staff and faculty.