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Upon completion of their 2nd year, RU students are eligible to apply for a 3rd year experience facilitated through Ramp Interns. In addition to RU academics, Ramp interns continue ministry training, and step into ministry activation. Interns at the Ramp enter into "now" opportunities within their calling and purpose. Taking two years of discipleship and ministry training received at RU, Interns turn understanding and impartation into influential, fruit-bearing action. Entrusted with positions of influence and responsibility, these dynamic leaders utilize their strengths and gifts to bring value and growth to multiple expressions of the Ramp.


From staff meetings to department projects, Ramp Interns gain insightful wisdom and practical understanding within the many facets and systems of the Ramp. Working in these systems, Ramp Interns encounter real life ministry scenarios within safe, encouraging environments. This unique setup produces sustained growth and provides a deep well of experience student interns draw from for the rest of their lives. 


Not only do Ramp Interns receive the benefits of being woven into the fabric of the Ramp with close connection to staff and faculty, but they also receive exclusive leadership development tailored specifically to their individual leadership style. This specialized development helps each intern maximize their leadership capacity while simultaneously taking part in leadership roles. Expression, responsibility, and development differ with each intern, but this truth can be said with confidence: Ramp Interns are leading a global awakening. 


Ramp Internships are nine months or one year commitments depending on the department and assigned responsibility. The earliest opportunities begin shortly after graduation while others start closer to the beginning of the new school year. During this time frame, Ramp Interns become whole-hearted staff members of their department committed to help accomplish the vision and mission of the Ramp. 


As a Ramp Intern, you are a leader entrusted with responsibilities in one or multiple areas of the Ramp. While you lead in these areas, RU is committed to investing in this process by sharpening your leadership skills and creating opportunities for personal growth. Outlined below are the expectations and requirements for all Ramp Interns:



The area(s) in which you are committed to as a Ramp Intern is first priority. As an intern, you are committing to fulfill everything you are entrusted to do and to prioritize your schedule including your coursework, other employment, and serving opportunities. 



Ramp Interns are required to actively participate in Morning Prayer. All Interns also fulfill Attendance Team duties on a scheduled rotation set by the RU Admin.



Ramp Interns are pastored by the Rayners and are fully involved in RU Student Life. Interns will have exclusive meetings/hangouts each month. The Intern Life Activity Fee ($400) is an additional cost and covers all activities for students including the annual Student Life Retreat, 3rd & 4th Year Banquet, and End of the Year activities.



All Ramp Interns are required to attend  Ramp Staff Meetings weekly regardless of the area(s) of the Ramp you are staffing. A schedule of staff meetings will be provided in the Intern manual to help with planning ahead.



Ramp Interns are encouraged to actively plug into Ramp Church small groups and Young Adults to continue connection within the Ramp community. Ramp Sunday night services are also required. 



As a Ramp Intern, you have free admission into all Ramp Events. If you are not fulfilling a specific role within the event or you are not working, it is expected for you to engage in every service with a heart of pursuit and a heart of faith that every attendee will experience awakening as they encounter Jesus.

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