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The Ramp Church Administrative Intern adds vital energy and heartfelt service to the Administrative Pastor utilizing communication, interpersonal, management, and organizational skills. Helping keep the administrative systems and experiences within Ramp Church functioning with excellence, the Admin Intern plays a vital support role impacting all Ramp Church staff, members, and guests.


Positions Available: 1

Direct Report: Heather Choron


Timeframe and Commitment: June 3, 2024 - May 9, 2025 (10 weekly hours [more during event weeks])




  • Assist Administrative Pastor (AP) with email and phone communications as needed pertaining to inquiries, follow up questions, and any other communication directive give by AP.


  • Assist AP with scheduling meetings including communicating with all parties involved determining the time, location, and duration, and confirming said details with all parties.


  • Assist with all Ramp Church events including preparation details, scheduling of volunteers in collaboration with Serve Team Coordinator, execute assigned responsibilities during event, and help with event wrap up.


  • Assist with miscellaneous office tasks including receipt submission, document and spreadsheet creation, data entry, etc. 


  • Be familiar with Ramp Church annual calendar and anticipate scheduling needs.


  • Be familiar with opening and closing responsibilities for services and church events.


  • Assist with execution of assimilation process taking people from stranger to member.


  • Understand and utilize Church Community Builder database for community connection.


  • Create and maintain appropriate storage area at RC Offices of informational materials, supplies, and event-related items.


  • Attend regular and impromptu Ramp Church faculty and staff meetings and assist with necessary print material, note-taking, and audio recording as requested by Lead Pastors or Admin Pastor. 


As Admin Intern of Ramp Church, you will gain valuable experience operating in the ministry of administration while growing in leadership and management skills within a church community environment. Your involvement within Ramp Church will bring strength to the organization while also building effective problem-solving skills and developing excellent communication skills within yourself. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from Ramp Interns Pastors and Ramp Church administrative staff.

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