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A Core Curriculum Teacher’s Aide is a key component within the RU classroom and adds valuable administrative assistance to a Core Instructor. Communicating with students, managing assignments, and executing directives from Instructors, a Teacher’s Aide utilizes and grows in the arenas of service, organization, communication, and administration.


Positions Available: 9

Direct Report: Instructor + Sky McKissack


Timeframe and Commitment: August 4, 2024 - May 4, 2025 (10-12 weekly hours)




  • Set up and maintain class information on Populi, including roster, syllabus, calendar, assignments, etc.


  • Communicate with students, answering questions submitted in person or via Populi


  • Take attendance in each class and enter on Populi


  • Grade all assignments in accordance with the instructor’s rubric, working within grading policy deadlines, and enter on Populi


  • Administer exams and quizzes as well as coordinate make-up work


  • Submit class summaries each week and generate student data reports for personal assessments


  • Integrate technology into the classroom, working with the Ramp Media dept. to meet any media needs of the instructor


  • Set up the classroom every day, including chairs, white board, markers, erasers, hand-outs, etc.


  • Be familiar with and communicate classroom policies, including attendance, tardy, make-up work, grading, meeting requests, etc.


  • Be available for tutoring sessions on an as-needed basis


  • Communicate to the instructor any areas of concern regarding student performance


  • Attend regular and impromptu RU faculty and staff meetings


As a Core Curriculum Teacher’s Aide, you will gain valuable experience in administration,  as well as grow in leadership and communication skills. A Teacher’s Aide will experience growth in these arenas as well as receive spiritual edification from the Core Instructor’s teaching within the classroom. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RU staff and faculty. 

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