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The Events Marketing Assistant develops and executes marketing strategies to see Ramp Events grow in attendance and extend the reach of Ramp conferences. This position requires an individual who can see projects to completion in a timely manner, think creatively, and lead teams with passion.


Positions Available: 1


Timeframe and Commitment: May 15th, 2019-May 1, 2020 (Approx. 8-10 hours per week)



  • Execute existing marketing plans for upcoming events with a primary focus on Winter Ramp                                                            

  • Develop new, creative ideas to implement as part of the overall marketing strategy                                                                         

  • Assemble and lead a team as necessary to assist in the execution of the marketing plan

  •  Plan and execute call campaigns to potential conference attendees


  • Prepare reports and review results of various campaigns to determine effectiveness


As the Events Marketing Assistant, you will gain valuable experience in marketing strategies on a global platform and study the results. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RSM staff and faculty.

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