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A Missions Team Leader fulfills the great commission through hands on training in the specific arenas of discipleship, pastoral care, and practical organization of missions groups. Through leadership opportunities within the classroom and on the field, a Missions Team Leader will grow dynamically while helping others do the same.

Positions Available: 3


Responsibilities: (6-8 weekly hours) August 5th, 2020- June 1st, 2021

  • Assist Instructor in leading students to understand missions and outreach in the Christian walk.

  • Coordinate, plan, and lead missions trips

  • Train Missions Team through leading team meetings, discipleship, assigning ministry responsibilities/job roles on trips and more

  • Oversee missions team practical preparedness of finances, supplies, physical health, legal documents, etc.

  • Attend all classes/department events

  • Attend regular and impromptu RSM faculty and staff meetings

  • Complete 2 years of study in the Missions department 

  • Have previous International missions experience 

  • Commitment to weekly meetings with team 

As a Missions Team Leader, you will have hands on ministry experience, specifically in the arenas of missions, service, evangelism, discipleship, preaching, etc. This will further your understanding of missions theology and its role within the individual Christian walk and the global church. This will also provide leadership training that can be applied in every ministry context as well as opportunities for travel in country and out of country. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching and relational investment from RSM staff and faculty.

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