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A Sozo Admin Assistant fills key roles within the Ramp Sozo Ministry. This role requires administrative skills and a heart for inner healing. Operating at the highest level of character and integrity, a Sozo Admin Assistant is entrusted with the organization of applications, helping with communication of session appointments with sozo team members and sozoees as well as other administrative tasks within the Ramp Sozo Ministry.  This intern position will be afforded the opportunity to learn and apply inner healing tools as they work alongside sozo team members.


Positons available: 3

Direct Report: Kevin and Pam Barnett


Timeframe and Requirements: June 1, 2024 - May 28, 2025 (6-8 hours per week)




  • A heart for inner healing ministries


  • The awareness and ability to maintain confidentiality in all sensitive areas in Sozo


  • Basic administrative skills


  • Good communication skills


  • Flexibility




  • Train in the basic sozo tools to have in-depth understanding of the ministry of Sozo


  • Sit in actual sessions as an observing minister to learn how the Sozo tools are used in sessions


  • Entering new applicants into Ramp Sozo database


  • Attaching all necessary forms to applications making them ready for sessions


  • Filing the applications


  • Maintain stock of Sozo forms in the file cabinet


  • Help prepare necessary items for Sozo sessions


  • Assisting in emails and communication for sessions


  • Various administrative duties


As a Sozo Admin Assistant, you will gain valuable training in the administrative component of ministry. This hands-on understanding will be a valuable asset in future ministry endeavors. In addition to this specified training, you will gain wisdom and knowledge of the inner healing ministry as well as be invested in by the Sozo team leaders and members.

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