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A Student Life Admin Assistant (SLAA) utilizes communication and organizational skills to provide vital help to the Student Life Pastors (SLPs). By working closely with SLPs and Student Life Group Leaders (SLGLs), the SLAA acts as the primary liaison between both parties as well as the current student body. As a trusted member of the Student Life team, the SLAA operates with utmost confidentiality as he or she  grows within the realms of time management, schedule organization, and effective communication. 


Positions Available: 1 Girl 1 Guy

Direct Report: Smalley's


Timeframe and Commitment: July 15, 2024 - May 5, 2025 (approx. 8 weekly hours, possibly more/less depending on number and type of events)



  • Help facilitate SLGL training at the beginning of July


  • Obtain and maintain current SLGL contact info within RU database


  • Act as primary point person for schedules and communication with Student Life Pastors


  • Correspond with SLGLs regarding meeting dates/times/locations, etc with Student Life Pastors


  • Work closely with Class Representatives/Activities Team Members (CRs/ATMs) with schedules, plans, and follow up in order to provide Student Life Pastors with an overall gage of activities.  

  • Must be available for ALL student life activities 


  • Handle all logistics of all Student Life Pastor - SLGL meetings including notifying SLGL's of date, time, and place; reserving facilities; setting up media needs; room assembly/ breakdown; and assisting with hospitality set up/clean up


  • Attend SLGL meetings and record attendance


  • Clerical duties - printing handouts and assisting with gathering other materials for meetings, etc.   


As a Student Life Assistant, you will have hands on ministry experience, specifically in the arenas of ministry administration, leadership, and discipleship. This will bring further understanding and growth of one-on-one ministry, discipleship training, the role of a pastor, and more while working within a variety of parameters laid out by the Student Life Pastors. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RU staff and faculty.

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