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The Ramp Hospitality Intern provides heartfelt service to Ramp Church and RU. This position requires someone with a passion for all things food and service, excellent time management skills, attention to detail, and a teachable attitude.

Positions available: 1

Direct Report: Jon Moore


Timeframe and Commitment: June 1st, 2024- May 5th, 2025 


  • Be available to work during all services in all conferences during intern months

  • Manage all disposable requests for Ramp Church and Ramp University.

  • Keep inventory for food and disposable items. This includes checking dates on all food items

  • Launder dish towels and aprons as needed

  • Organize cabinets and maintain organization system

  • Act as Sous chef for guest speaker meals (Sunday and Wednesday nights or special meals)

  • Assist with grocery shopping when needed

  • Assist with any clean-up following conference and organize as needed in the kitchen

  • Be available for additional hospitality duties as assigned including but not limited to setup, tear down, delivery, errands, shopping, and communication 

  • Work effectively in a close-knit team environment

  • Operate with organization and attention to detail

  • Be willing to be flexible with tasks and time

As a Ramp Hospitality Intern, you will have hands on ministry experience, specifically in the arenas of service & organizational skills.  During your internship you will have the opportunity to receive training in the area of food service within a close-knit team environment. This is a vital role within the Ramp as a whole as you are able to provide service to the leaders on a weekly basis through this internship. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching, and relational investment from RU staff and faculty.

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