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A RML Organizational Leader Intern is a key component within RML and the overall RU classroom experience. Communicating with Core TAs, managing assignments and course efficiency, creating and executing systems, and carrying out directives from RML School Director and RU Admin Team, the Org Leader Intern experiences rapid growth in the arenas of service, organization, communication, and administration.

Positions Available: 1

Direct Report: Matt Robinson and Sky McKissack 


Timeframe and Commitment:  August 4, 2024 - May 4, 2025 (10-12 weekly hours)



  • Assist RML Director and Dept. Assistant with organization, communication, planning, and executing experiences related to the Organizational Leadership concentration.

  • Assist RML Director and Dept. Assistant with any technology prep/needs, grading/accountability, note-taking, follow-up, etc connected to classroom experiences, meetings, and events.

  • Act as point of contact for all Organizational Leadership concentration students.

  • Collaborate with the RU Academics Team with communication and accountability for students in need of additional resources, tutoring, or specialized instruction within RML Organizational Leadership concentration.

  • Collaborate with the RU Admin Team as primary leader of all Teacher’s Aides within the Core Curriculum and within each School. This includes communication, system creation and execution, grading accountability, Populi usage, and overall classroom experience quality control.

  • Be familiar with and communicate classroom policies, including attendance, tardy, make-up work, grading, meeting requests, et

  • Help steward and lead corporate prayer spaces throughout the semester as organized and assigned by School leadership. 

  • Attend regular and impromptu RU faculty and staff meetings

A RML Organizational Leadership Intern +Head TA provides valuable service to the School Director and Org Leader Concentration by assisting with the practical needs of RML as well as offering valuable insight to the entire student body of RU. Through hands-on training in the specific arenas of ministry and administration, a RML Organizational Leadership Intern develops well-rounded skills applicable to many aspects of ministry. 

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