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A Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) provides stability, support, and practical assistance to all students and RAs living in his or her designated dorm. As a 3rd Year living among 1st Year students, a Senior Residence Assistant grows in multiple arenas of leadership including but not limited to interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, time management, organization, and peer development. 


Positions Available: 4

Direct Report: Winfred and Leigh Smalley


Timeframe and Commitment: August 4, 2024 - May 31, 2025 (living in dorm/continually on call for necessary situations)




    •    Act as main point person within dorm for students, RAs, Housing Assistants, and Director 


    •    Work with RAs to create a culture of honor, peace, and excellence within the dorm


    •    Provide guidance when necessary to RAs for practical organization of dorm duties


    •    Create time and space for students to discuss needs - personal and practical within the dorm


    •    Provide wise solutions to problems/conflicts that may arise


    •    Communicate with Housing Director/Student Life Pastors as needed concerning situations within the dorm or                          personal situations of students. 


    •    Work with Housing Assistants and RAs to ensure all expectations are met associated with Dorm Checks or any other              cleaning directive


    •    Help RAs plan and execute opportunities within the dorm for the students to grow closer in community


    •    Be intentional to personally invest into each student within designated dorm


    •    Attend regular and impromptu RU faculty and staff meetings


As a Senior Resident Assistant you will have hands on ministry experience, specifically in the arenas of service, administration, and discipleship. This will further your understanding of leadership and pastoral care as well as strengthen your abilities within administration and practical ministry. You will also receive personal discipleship, teaching and relational investment from RU staff and faculty.

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