The Ramp Youth Pastoral Assistant provides a valuable service to the Ramp Youth experience with both administrative and hands-on roles in helping meet the needs of weekly services, planning events, and engaging with the youth at any and all Ramp Youth events. Through outreaches, hang-outs, and discipleship, the Ramp Youth Pastoral Assistant will play a vital part in seeing the youth of The Ramp, Hamilton, and the surrounding region introduced to and learn to live the Gospel of Jesus.


Positions available: 2


Timeframe and Requirements: (the beginning and ending dates can be flexible) May 30, 2020 - May 29, 2021 (8-10 hours weekly including Wednesday services) + potential youth trips and events




  • Help coordinate all service related events within department

  • Assist in the leadership of regular services (preaching, exhorting, transitions, prayer, etc)

  • Assist in planning and executing all outreach opportunities 

  • Construct and run the lyrics and announcement slides during services (this is easy and can be taught)

  • Turning the Annex into the Ramp Students room each Wednesday (cleaning, moving furniture, lights, etc..)

  • Assisting in upgrading, changing, and developing the youth room itself.

  • Personal investment and interaction with youth

  • Attend all Wednesday night meetings, prayer meetings, and youth events

  • Help administratively to plan and execute Summer youth trip

  • Provide follow up processes for new students 

  • Organizing and managing all other youth leaders and helpers


The Ramp Youth Pastoral Assistant can expect to grow in many different areas of life and ministry utilizing gifts such as team building, servant hood, platform ministry, discipleship, administrative abilities, people skills, and time management. This lively position will allow the person to see the impact of their hours worked. They will get a first-hand glimpse into the life of a youth pastor and what leading a youth group really is all about. They will leave this position prepared to lead a growing and thriving youth group.

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